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What Can You Unload Right Now?

As a business owner, you’re used to doing everything in your business, that’s how it works at the beginning right? 

What you really need is time to breathe, to free you up to
focus on your genius! 

I create space for YOU in your business. 

Reignite Your Fire

Get Back To What You Love

 I work with ambitious business founders, project/event managers and keynote speakers who are smashing it in business AND value their life and well-being outside of their business too. I’m a DO’er! I provide support that focuses on the key business tasks that feed into your overall business strategy. 


Create Space

…to enable you to find
answers to key business
decisions and obstacles.



Do What You Do Best

…by focusing on your ‘main thing’ your passion, your talent, you will feel more energised and empowered.



Be Brave in Business

…as a small business owner
I know how this feels! 



See Things From A Different Perspective

…like a virtual business partner, a sounding board, someone who can
challenge you, reassure you so you can confidently power into the future.


Take It Step By Step

…the importance of doing the
right small tasks that feed
into the bigger business 
goals – it’s about strategy!



What People are Saying

“Right-hand Woman”

Becky is a dedicated, hardworking, capable and cool-headed professional. She always has my back and keeps the interests of my company uppermost in her mind. She is a trusted friend, ally and right-hand woman. “

Robert, Entrepreneur/Investor 

“Highly Efficient”

“I was inspired by her ability to quickly realise what my goals for my business were. She has helped me find the time to concentrate on the design side of things while being highly efficient at organising me in the background.”

Louise, Architect 

“Always One Step Ahead”

“Becky is an absolute pleasure to have in the team. Her communication is exemplary. She is always one step ahead and prepared for any eventuality [with a] smile and positive attitude. I couldn’t recommend Becky more.

Natalie, NA Business Services

“Diverse Skill Set”

“Her experience can offer such a diverse range of skills that no task is too great for her to manage and successfully deliver.

Lucy, Ex-Colleague

Hours of Operation

9:30AM – 5:30PM

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